‘All About Prayer’: 500 Vets Join Oliver North to Examine Why America Is in Jeopardy

There is no doubt that over recent years, America has been embroiled in a cultural battle and many of the very beliefs that were foundational to the nation’s founding are at stake.

A new book out called “Veterans’ Lament” asked more than 500 veterans if this is still the same nation they fought for.

Written by retired Marine, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, the book is meant to be a wake-up call to Americans to take action, save their country and the principles that make it great.

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During an interview with CBN News, North said the armed services of today are using valuable training time to examine issues that are important to the Biden administration rather than teaching troops important skills that will shape their military careers. 

“What’s happening today is there’s a full day of stand down by every single unit in the Armed Forces of the United States to discuss and educate about the issues that they consider to be important in this administration,” he explained.

“That means there’s 1.5 million lost man-days at a minimum because every unit command has to prepare for it – they’re not training and improving readiness. All that readiness is now gone or it certainly will be.”

North added that the book is “all about prayer and it has to be for our country. The further we go from actual expressions of faith, we put ourselves in greater jeopardy.” 

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