America and Russia ‘in new space race’ to be the first to film in space

A space race is underway to shoot the first movie at the International Space Station and Russia is in the lead as they prepare an actress to perform in space. ANU cosmologist and astrophysicist Dr Brad Tucker said an upcoming Tom Cruise movie was meant to be the first to be filmed in space slated for filming in October the Russians are using their own spacecraft to be the ones to hit the milestone. “That is exactly what they are now aiming to do, they have now casted an actress whose part of the role was to be able to pass astronaut training and to do so they, they have bumped an American astronaut on an upcoming Soyuz launch,” he told Sky News. “In October we could see a Russian actress heading up to the space station to film a movie with Russia TV One to be part of the first kind of commercial movie to be shot in space and this really weird new space race we have found ourselves.”

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