ASIO’s espionage warning a ‘good indicator’ of ‘prolific’ nature of the threat

ASIO’s warning foreign espionage will replace terrorism as the greatest threat to national security by 2025 fails to reveal anything new ,according to Calamity Monitoring CEO Daniel Lewkovitz. Australia’s spy agency revealed espionage agents have been targeting the nation’s mining and agricultural sectors to acquire information about trade diversification away from China. Mr Lewkovitz pointed out this revelation from ASIO does not unveil a “new problem” but instead an issue that has been around for a very long time. “I suppose to some extent foreign intelligence agencies including our own working in the interest of a nation against ours is nothing new,” he told Sky News. “The fact that this is so extreme is perhaps a good indicator to the lay person how prolific this issue has actually become now that it’s going to become part of the national discourse.”

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