‘Australia is in the enemy camp’ with China: Brown

Australia’s involvement with the Quad bloc has seen them become by default an “enemy of China”, according to Asia Correspondent Adrian Brown. “I think there is no doubt China regards anyone who’s a member of the quad as being an enemy. The problem for Australia is this: it needs the United Sates for security, it needs China for trade. But in the eyes of China, Australia is now very much in the enemy camp”, he said. As China looks to negotiate its litany of discrepancies with the United States and its allies, Mr Brown said China will not be rushing into any “long-term” agreements just yet. “As to the sort of outlook China takes to all of this, I think it is taking the long-term view. It knows four years from now Joe Biden is, in all likelihood, not going to be in the White House. “They do not want to enter into any long-term agreements or pacts with the United States, which is why they are very wary and in a sense are biding their time with Biden. “President Xi Jinping does not have to worry about re-election 10 years from now, in all likelihood he will still be there -Joe Biden will not. “So what China wants and it is not going to get in the short term is predictability in its relationship with the United States.” Mr Brown also discussed the situation in Myanmar – which has escalated to borderline “civil war.” “The junta’s actions have had the effects of unifying the disparate groups in China, the various rebel armies, the various opposition groups and they now have one common enemy, and that is the junta,” he said. “Many in the opposition say that China by failing to outwardly condemn the actions of the Junta, by failing to condemn the bloodshed, its silence of the matter is being seen as almost tacit support for the military. “The last thing China wants at the moment is instability on its borders.”

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