Black box recovered from sinking cargo ship

A black box has been recovered from the MV X-Press Pearl, a cargo ship sinking off the coast of Sri Lanka which was burning for nearly two weeks. The Singapore-registered MV X-Press Pearl was carrying over 200 tonnes of chemicals at the time it caught fire off Sri Lanka’s west coast. Coastal Oceanographer Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi said the contents of the black box have not been revealed but will tell authorities “what actually caused the event”. He said the “biggest problem”, however, is the 78 tonnes of plastic pallets which will be swept across the Indonesian Ocean and “last for many years and many decades to come”. “Many, most likely, will end up also in the Australian territories – Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, etcetera,” Professor Pattiaratchi said. He said authorities are unsure of how much oil remains on the ship but are considering ways to dispose of it safely. “At the moment they’re still trying to look at divers to go down, to inspect to see whether there is oil inside or not.”

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