‘Bought members of Congress’ may put a stop to Joe Biden’s gun reform legislation

Most Americans are in favour of “sensible regulations” for gun control but lobbyists and “bought members” of Congress may stop President Joe Biden’s proposed gun reform, according to Cypress College Political Science Professor Peter Mathews. “It’s a horrendous carnage that’s been going on in this country, thousands of people have been killed every year and mass shootings have been skyrocketing,” he told Sky News. “Biden wanted to do something but he’s got to get Congress to help him bring in comprehensive gun control and reform legislation.” Professor Mathews said the issue in passing gun reform is instead of 50 plus one votes to pass a filibuster requires 60 votes to get any legislation through Congress and lobbyists will make it difficult. “The majority of Americans want gun control and sensible regulations like having background checks, having the licensing of guns and banning assault weapons,” he said. “It’s the members of Congress, a few special interest bought members by the gun lobby that are stopping it and that’s a real tragedy for America.”

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