Boyfriend’s penis cut off with scissors

A man who cut off his wife’s boyfriend’s penis before fleeing with the severed appendage has been sentenced for the horror crime.

A Florida man will spend two decades in prison for pulling a gun on his wife’s lover before cutting his penis off with a pair of scissors.

Alex Bonilla, 51, was sentenced to two decades behind bars over the 2019 attack at a home in the small town of Bell, west of Jacksonville, according to WKMG.

Bonilla allegedly barged into the home of his neighbour where he threatened him with a metal pipe and a handgun. He then allegedly tied the victim up, before officials said he “forcefully cut off the victim’s penis with a pair of scissors”.

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The married father-of-five then allegedly said: “This is normal, you will not die today”.

Bonilla then took the man’s severed penis and fled across the street into his own home.

The attack happened two months after Bonilla discovered his neighbour having a sexual affair with his wife, according to authorities.

Despite this, deputies investigating the case did not list a motive for the crime.

Court records seen by local outlet WKMG showed that several of Bonilla’s friends and relatives wrote to the county judge asking for leniency in his sentencing.

His son told the judge he wanted his father back at home, so he could contribute to the household financially, and to help his younger sister learn to read.

The father pleaded no contest last month to charges of kidnapping, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

He was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and was ordered to pay US $251,000 ($325,863).

He was also sentenced to ten years of probation.

Bonilla had previously been employed as a dairy worker for 20 years, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

He emigrated to the US from El Salvador in 1990 and had two children from his first marriage.

He had three children during his second marriage while living in the US.

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