Brisbane venue’s food receipt backfires

A Brisbane venue manager shared a picture of a back of house docket on social media that took aim at two Asian customers and the backlash began.

A Queensland venue has come under fire after a picture of a back of house docket titled “two very annoying Asians” emerged on a Snapchat account linked to one of its managers.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail, Alec Madara said a Snapchat story was put up yesterday by Shay Hayston. Mr Hayston is listed as being a joint owner of several venues in Brisbane, including Froth on Brunswick, No. 5 Cafe and well-known LGBTQI venue, The Stand.

An image of the docket, titled “two very annoying Asians”, was posted on Mr Hayston’s account, with a caption in the picture saying “Omg I love my staff” and three laughing emojis.

“This is not OK,” Mr Madara told the paper.

“How many descriptions like this have been given to people because this is where they are describing where the orders go.”

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During the COVID-19 pandemic alone, a study conducted by the Australian National University found that more than 8 in 10 Asian Australians have experienced discrimination. In the US, where anti-Asian hate sentiment over the last year has seen an astronomical rise, some 3,800 attacks have been perpetrated since March 2020.

Mr Madara said that anyone who is part of a minority group would not “find this acceptable”.

“Was the intention to be racist? I couldn’t say, that’s not for me to decide, society can have their viewpoints and talk about it, I just know it didn’t sit with me well,” he said.

In response, Mr Hayston said he personally wished “to apologise for the offence and hurt caused”.

“I’ve been a business owner in the Valley for more than six years, personally and professionally invested in diversity. I’m deeply disappointed and embarrassed at my actions as they go against everything I pride myself on,” he said.

“Internally, I and my team will do better to ensure we uphold the diversity and inclusivity that is at our core.”

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Freddie Wintrip, who said he was the manager of The Stand, which shares space with Froth (where the items on the docket matched items offered on their menu), wrote in a lengthy post on Facebook that he wanted to apologise “on behalf of everyone at The Stand for what has happened in recent events”.

“Whilst this incident did not happen at The Stand nor were any of our beautiful performers, staff or patrons involved, it did not happen within our shared space. This behaviour is truly unacceptable and I cannot condone it,” he wrote.

“We are a family and a space that provides a freedom to express whoever you want to be. As a white cis male myself I understand I am coming from a place of privilege as I write this. Thank you to the amazing people of colour educating me since moving to Australia, I see you, I love you, I support you. The Stand will always continue to do the same especially for our BIPOC community of performers and patrons alike.

“Many of us know the people involved in this incident. They have in the past done incredible things for our community. However they have made a very ignorant mistake. A mistake they must learn from, apologise and educate themselves on.”

Sharing Mr Wintrip’s post, The Strand wrote it “will be closed until a formal investigation within the company is completed and resolved”.

“While these comments happened in our shared space, it is not condoned by The Stand staff, performers or patrons. We are also looking at options if and how The Stand can continue in the future,” the post read.

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