Channel 7 settles with former star

A former Sunrise star who sued his former company Seven Network for half a million dollars has come to an agreement with the TV powerhouse.

An ex-star of breakfast TV show Sunrise has settled with former employer Channel 7 in a confidential settlement after months of courtroom drama.

Simon Reeve sued Seven Network in September claiming his Fair Work rights had been breached when he was let go last year.

But the matter was closed in the Federal Court on Thursday after being dismissed by judge Geoffrey Flick with the consent of both parties.

The settlement between Mr Reeve and the network is not known.

Mr Reeve had asked the judge to order Channel 7 to pay him more than $500,000 in unpaid entitlements and compensation over his dismissal.

He said his contract had been breached when he was let go after four decades with the network.

He became well-known in his roles as Weekend Sunrise sports presenter, news presenter, host of Million Dollar Minute and host of It’s Academic.

But it all ended in June when he got a call from the network telling him his role was no longer “required to be performed by him or by anyone”, Mr Reeve claimed in court documents.

Seven Network countersued Mr Reeve in October and that matter remained open as of Monday.

It claimed Mr Reeve had been “misleading and deceptive” by seeking to be compensated as an employee when he was a contractor with his own production company that engaged with Seven.

Seven Network and the law firm acting for Mr Reeve, Laxon Lex Lawyers, were both contacted for comment.

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