Chinese social media had ‘widespread praise’ for regime critic Chloe Zhao’s Oscar win

Director Chloe Zhao’s historic win at the Academy Awards drew praise on Chinese social media app Weibo but those posts “disappeared minutes later”, according to Asia correspondent Adrian Brown. “This Oscars ceremony is taking place against the backdrop of a cold war and from the perspective of Beijing Chloe Zhao’s win is political,” he told Sky News. “They can accept critics but the worst thing in China’s eyes is a critic who is successful and Chloe Zhao is a successful critic, her crime if you like was eight years ago she gave an interview in which she criticised the regime saying she’d grown up in a country of lies.” Mr Brown said when Ms Zhao won the award the videos of the ceremony were on Weibo in minutes but the posts were deleted shortly after. “There was widespread praise before China’s censorship machine began cranking up.”

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