City shivers through coldest night of year

Heavy rain and icy cold temps have hit eastern Australia, as one city wakes up from the coldest night of the year and the country is thrust into early winter.

Victoria and Tasmania have been hit with a fresh wintry blast overnight, as temperatures plummeted to new lows and brought early falls of snow.

The bitter cold front caused temperatures to plummet across the southeastern states, with snow falling in elevated parts of Tasmania and Victoria’s Alpine regions.

Mt Buller, Falls Creek and Mt Hotham all recorded the Autumn snowfall, which could point to a bustling season ahead.

Melbourne recorded its coldest night this year when temperatures dropped to a chilly 7.2 degrees, following significant rain on Tuesday afternoon and evening.

After reaching 18.7C shortly before 11am, the change blew through the city and the temperature dropped to just 12C before 1pm, bringing an early taste of winter for the state.

Meanwhile, torrential rainfall has continued throughout far-north Queensland, as the state received a month’s worth of rainfall every day for the past few days.

The north tropical coast, which is at the end of its wet season, was pelted by 215mm of rain overnight, with rain not expected to ease off until Friday and into the weekend.

Senior forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology Dean Narramore said the far north would likely receive hundreds of millimeters of rainfall over the next few days.

“That area is receiving incredible, torrential rain which will continue over the next few days,” Mr Narramore said.

“They’ve been getting a month’s worth of rain every day for the last couple of days.”

Minor flood warnings are in place for those parts of the state.

Mr Narramore said temperatures across the country would be mild over the coming days, with fine and sunny days anticipated.

Light showers could also hit coastal areas of Victoria and Tasmania.

“We could be getting anything from two to five degrees below average, and potentially some frost inland in the southeast of the country,” he said.

“Cooler days and nights are on the way as we head towards winter.”

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