Countries halting AstraZeneca jab will ‘jeopardise’ Europe’s vaccine rollout

Health Editor at The Australian Natasha Robinson says the multitude of European countries pausing their AstraZeneca rollout will “jeopardise” the broader global vaccination program because it will undermine public confidence in the jab. “I think what needs to be kept in mind is that the European Medicines Agency has not said that the suspension is necessary, they’re quite adamant that the vaccine is safe and it should… continue to be administered,” she said. “It’s just that these European counties are not following the advice of their own regulator. “It certainly is not positive news for Europe’s rollout of vaccines, it’s already running so far behind schedule. “This is really going to jeopardise their entire vaccination project and it really is concerning for the whole world because if some countries aren’t protected, we’re all not protected.” Ms Robinson told Sky News she had spoken to the AMA this morning, “who said at this stage they’re not getting feedback from people that this has made them less inclined to get the vaccine”. “Hopefully Australia can rest on its record in vaccine administration which shows that people really are very willing to receive vaccines.”

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