Dad’s terrifying encounter with huge spider

A man was riding down a remote dirt road with his daughter when he spotted something on the quad bike that made him stop in his tracks. WARNING: Strong language.

WARNING: Strong language.

A man has captured the terrifying moment a massive spider jumped at him from a quad bike while his daughter watched on.

Northern Territory teacher Metui Tongatua was in the north Queensland town of Coolbie when the incident occurred.

He posted a video of the encounter to his Instagram account on March 22.

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The massive spider, which looks to be a huntsman, scurries across the handlebar of the quad bike before crouching down and launching at Mr Tongatua, prompting a panic and a few swears from the father while his daughter and two dogs watch on.

He described the animal as “so majestic” when he shared it on Instagram but in a follow-up post said he needed to “calm his nerves” with a couple of steaks after the encounter.

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Queensland Museum’s Dr Robert Raven told the Daily Mail spiders get stirred up by the vibrations on quad bikes which could have contributed to the spider’s behaviour.

Mr Tongatua first spotted the spider crawling on the front of the quad as it went down the road before he stopped and hopped off to take the second video of the spider on the handlebars.

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He joked the spider should be the new mascot for the Australian Olympic long jump team.

One person commented that the spider had “wound up and launched with purpose of eliminating you” while another posting from France said the video was another reminder of why they’d never visit Australia.

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