‘Damaged surface’ turns M1 into carpark

Tow trucks have been called in to remove cars as a damaged road surface has caused havoc on the M1 this morning, leaving traffic banked up 9km.

A damaged roadway has turned the M1 into a car park on Thursday morning with motorists potentially facing hours of delays as roadworkers scurry to repair the freeway.

The Transport Management Centre has reported a loose expansion joint – a gap between two sections of road – is the root of the issue near Alison Road at Wyong.

“Motorists are advised to allow plenty of extra travel time, or use an alternative route and rejoin the M1 at the Tuggerah Interchange,” it said in a statement.

“The repairs are expected to continue throughout the morning peak period.”

Two of three southbound lanes as closed and traffic has slowed to a crawl.

Tow trucks have been called in to drag away cars whose tyres have been shredded by the damaged road surface, 2GB’s Ben Fordham told listeners on Thursday morning.

2GB reported there was already a queue of up to 9km from just before 7am, while repairs could take up to eight hours to complete.

“If you’re planning on coming to Sydney from the north coast today I would say write it off,” Mr Fordham said.

Live Traffic’s website shows the red line of traffic congestion stretching back as far as Halloran from the point of damage.

A fallen power pole is also causing significant delays on the Pacific Highway following a truck crash near Kissing Point Road near Turramurra.

The highway is currently closed in both directions.

Southbound traffic is being diverted into Rae Street, and northbound motorists are being told to use Kissing Point Road.

More to come.

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