Driver fined $349 over ‘chocolate bar’

Aussie driver Scott Phillips was slapped with a fine for allegedly using his phone while driving – but he claims there’s more to the story.

A man has been accused of using his mobile phone while driving – however, he insists his device was actually mounted on a holder.

Scott Phillips received a notice in the mail and looked at the photo detection cameras captured. He noticed his phone was in its dock on the dashboard. The photo indicates there is something else in the driver’s hand. Scott claims he either was holding sunglasses or eating a chocolate bar.

He stated his case on 2GB’s Ben Fordham Live this morning.

“I never use my phone in my hand. I always got it on the dock”, he told the radio host.

“I look at the photo and there is something blurry in my left hand resting against my leg while the phone is clearly obvious on the dash.

“It’s probably a chocolate bar, some reckon it might be sunglasses. It’s possible it might be sunnies.

“It’s definitely not my mobile phone because you can see it on the dash.”

He was fined $349 and penalised five demerit points. He has asked for a review.

This is not the first time a driver has been mistaken for holding a mobile phone in their hands while behind the wheel.

The Daily Mail reported last month that drivers claim hats, wallets and hands are being misled for phones by cameras.

A man from Adelaide was fined $349 and five demerit points when he was caught on camera for holding what appeared to be a phone. He claimed he was holding a hat.

Despite motorist complaints, the Centre for Road Safety defended the recording devices and insisted they are doing their job.

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