Dud dishwashing liquids ‘same as water’

Washing dishes by hand is already a tiresome task, so steer clear of these dud detergent brands that have been deemed as useless as water alone.

Consumer advocacy group Choice has scored four “woeful” dishwashing liquid brands “the same as water”.

It tested 38 popular products using identically pre-soiled plates stained with different foods, including rice starch, bolognese and egg yolk, and also washed with plain water to compare cleaning performance.

Four products scored a shocking 45 per cent – the same result as unadulterated H2O.

They were Fairy Platinum, Palmolive Original, Uniquely Natural and Woolworths Essential.

“With results this poor, you’re really just washing money down the drain,” Choice dishwashing expert Ashley Iredale said.

“And some of these products aren’t cheap either – Uniquely Natural costs 96c per 100ml and Fairy Platinum a whopping $1.12.”

There were two clear winners that shone the brightest, with Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Ultimate and Aldi Tandil Ultra Power Soak n’ Clean Concentrate in equal first place, rating 90 per cent.

“Both products rated very well and outperformed other liquids in the test by a mile – the next closest score was 65 per cent,” Ms Iredale said.

“But when it comes to price, Aldi Tandil easily wins on value at just 35c per 100ml compared with Morning Fresh’s 93c.”

Choice said Aldi Tandil was also safe for greywater and septic tanks and used biodegradable surfactants, unlike Morning Fresh.

Aldi Tandil Ultra Concentrate landed third place with a score of 65 per cent.

Four other products scored 60 per cent: Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Botanicals, Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Original, Woolworths Shine Sensations, and Simply Clean Australian Lemon Myrtle.

Choice said it was interesting that popular products such as Palmolive, Fairy, Earth Choice, Sunlight, Orange Power and Ecostore rated just 55 per cent.

Aldi clearly cleaned up in the battle of supermarket house brands, while Woolworths’ highest scorer Shine Sensations only achieved 60 per cent, Coles’ Super Strength liquid landed 55 per cent and IGA’s Community Co Clean Freak Concentrate scored a measly 50 per cent.

Choice said the quality of a brand’s range could vary greatly between products, with Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate “Antibacterial” and “Soft Hands Fragrance and Dye Free” rating only 50 per cent.

“Our tests uncovered some wild variation, so never assume that if one product cleans well, similar ones will deliver the same results,” Ms Iredale said.

“It’s worth keeping in mind when you’re shopping – otherwise you could grab an inferior product accidentally.

“Likewise, don’t assume an expensive product will outperform a cheap one.”

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