‘Everyone in play’ as the US focuses on the ‘Asian theatre’

The Biden administration are trying to “keep the Chinese onside” as North Korea once again takes centre stage as a primary player in the Asian theatre and a primary problem for the world, according to Curtin University Professor Joe Siracusa. “North Korea is still the main game,” he told Sky News. “A couple of years ago the council of foreign affairs indicated that North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles were the number one problem in the world.” Mr Siracusa said while North Korea has acquired enough nuclear weapons to “light up” the Korean peninsula, China – who is a major power in the region – does not want the nation “out of control”. However, while he suggested North Korea would be kept in check by China, Mr Siracusa said it was unlikely the US would have a meaningful impact in the region under President Joe Biden. “Democrats don’t have a big track record for solving any of these problems,” he said. “I don’t know if there is enough patience or there is enough agreement on the Washington side. “Washington’s torn between realism and idealism. That is national interest verses pushing the human rights issues.”

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