Game-changer for bedroom rockers

A new tool that allows guitar players to easily rock out with a bunch of cool amps without making a sound has landed in Australia.

For guitar players, the idea of a personal amplifier can conjure up cringe-worthy memories of trying to rock out with a tiny, clip-on Marshall ‘stack’ back in the day.

Those miniature bad boys had a tone akin to a bumble bee dying from dysentery, but thankfully times have changed and a new generation portable amplification is here.

This month, Fender has changed the game with its Mustang Micro, which features a wide selection of tones from the Mustang series amps.

You basically just charge it up, plug it into your guitar, attach your headphones and away you go.

It has 12 amp models for a wide range of tones — from full, twanky 60s style clean vibes on one end to a brutal heavy metal crunch for headbangers on the other.

There’s also adjustable EQ and 12 effect combinations, with a nice selection of reverb, delay and chorus, with parameter modify control.

It also allows Bluetooth audio streaming from your mobile device, meaning you can jam along with songs on Spotify.

In short, it allows you to imagine you’re blasting out your riffs to an audience of thousands at ANZ Stadium while sitting in your room.

It’s great for city-dwelling people like me who live in an apartment and have to keep the noise down sometimes. And, it’s thankfully a world away from the days of the clip-on Marshall stack.

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