’Hopeless’: Man’s fury over Macca’s mishap

A McDonald’s customer in Victoria has slammed the fast food outlet, saying he was injured when making an order in the drive-through for one reason.

A McDonald’s customer claims he was left with a burnt leg when a staff member handed over his coffee with a loose lid.

John Billing posted a video on Twitter after the experience at the Frankston North fast food restaurant on March 6.

“I’ve now got a burnt leg [and] coffee right throughout my car and I’ve got to clean this mess up,” Mr Billing said in the video.

Staff replaced the coffee and gave him serviettes to help clean up the spill.

But he said they didn’t check if he needed any medical attention.

“McDonald’s Frankston North, you’re hopeless,” he claimed in the video.

He told NCA NewsWire he was “frustrated” when he made the video after the incident. There was a lid on the coffee but it wasn’t on the cup securely, he said.

“It was just not on the cup securely,” Mr Billing explained.

He said the lid came off as the staff member passed the drink to him in the drive-through which made it spill.

In the social media post Mr Billing said he wanted WorkSafe to know about the incident.

“I hope I am the last an incident like this happens to,” he said.

He said he didn’t want compensation but wanted to raise awareness about the issue.

Mr Billing told NCA NewsWire the state’s health and safety regulator had told him there may be more training and education for staff at the store

“That was and is still good enough for me,” he said.

McDonald’s has been contacted for comment.

In 1992 a 79-year-old woman named Stella Liebeck ordered a coffee at a McDonald’s drive-through in the southwestern US when she spilt it in her lap after her grandson parked the car.

She was rushed to hospital with severe burns and later sued the fast-food chain to cover her medical expenses.

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