India’s ‘apocalyptic’ oubreak raises concerns of ‘vaccine apartheid’

India’s growing COVID-19 emergency has raised concerns of vaccine apartheid where the world’s poorest nations have access to just over one per cent of the world’s vaccines. The South Asian country has been recording more than half of the world’s daily coronavirus cases as well as over 2,000 daily deaths from the deadly disease. The dire situation in India has raised questions about the global vaccine rollout as the world’s poorest nations have a combined total of 1.3 per cent of the vaccines, while the wealthiest nations have gained access to more than 50 per cent. Prominent Australian executive Tim Costello told Sky News the global vaccination program – COVAX – has not worked. “It was meant to produce two billion doses for the poor developing world; it’s only produced 43 million doses because it hasn’t been properly funded,” he said. Mr Costello said many of the doses bound for COVAX were being made in India which is now incapable of asssiting with supply. “Now with the apocalyptic shocking oubtreak in India, of course that’s not going to happen either,” he said,

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