Israel sees Iran’s nuclear policy as an ‘existential threat’

Curtin University Professor Joe Siracusa says Israel views Iran’s nuclear policy as an “existential threat” and do not want to see their neighbours obtain weapons of mass destruction. US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin has arrived in Israel as the Biden administration continues to negotiate with Iran to re-join the Iran nuclear deal. Mr Siracusa said, “the Biden administration which needs some kind of a victory in foreign policy because it is not doing well in other places, wants to cut this deal with the Iranians”. The US diplomatic envoy is visiting Israel in order to “settle” the nation down and “get them on the same page,” he told Sky News. However, Mr Siracusa noted the US would be hard pressed to get Israel onside because the nation had adopted a “very hard view” when it came to Iran. “They don’t want any other competitors in the nuclear area”. “They see the future of Iran’s nuclear policy as very dangerous and as a basic threat to them, so they reserve the right to act.”

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