Joe Biden has a ‘failing grade’ in foreign policy

Curtin University Professor Joe Siracusa says President Joe Biden’s foreign policy is “all a failing grade”. “In foreign policy, he’s got a D-, I’ll do the foreign policy first because it’s all a failing grade,” he told Sky News. “He hasn’t reassured North Korea, he’s insulted the Russians, he’s insulted the Chinese with America’s Strategic Competition Act and he hasn’t moved very far on immigration policy, so in much of his domain where he could do something he hasn’t been able to do it. “The world he inherited was dangerous and uncertain, and under Joe Biden the world is still a little dangerous and uncertain. “He hasn’t relived any of these great problems and I think he’s exacerbated them.” Mr Siracusa said human rights was driving President Biden’s foreign policy. “Many Americans are committed to human rights, and Biden’s one of these guys who’s driving his foreign policy by leading it with the human rights issue which is something that’s very typical of the past, not typical of most Republicans who put human rights on the backburner,” he said. “They don’t say it’s unimportant, they just don’t let it drive policy. “He’s driving the human rights issue for all its worth whether it’s Ukraine or Russia or China or places like that.”

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