Joe Biden has ‘very bold action’ domestically but ‘hesitant’ foreign policy

President Joe Biden has “been extraordinary” handling domestic policy in the first 100 days of his presidency but has not had such success with foreign policy, according to The New Republic’s Alex Shephard. “I think in terms of domestic policy it’s been really been extraordinary and you look first and foremost at the vaccination rate, certainly we had Operation Warp Speed which started last year and did an exceptional job at developing the vaccine but the distribution of the vaccine, there wasn’t really a concrete plan,” he told Sky News. Mr Shephard said the economic stimulus package President Biden championed was “the right type of medicine” to fix the economy but the president is “more cautious” when it comes to matters of foreign policy. “On foreign policy I think it’s a slightly different matter, he’s been much, much more cautious there, some of that is understandable he’s tried to rebuild alliances particularly in Europe and against China.” “What we’re seeing in some sense is domestically very bold action but in foreign policy, you’re seeing something that is a times pragmatic but I think at other times seems rather hesitant.”

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