‘Line in the sand’: Morris backs stance

Sydney Roosters veteran Josh Morris hopes more players, especially emerging players, now have the confidence and courage to call out online threats.

Sydney Roosters veteran Josh Morris has backed Latrell Mitchell’s tough stance on online trolls, hoping it will help other players who cop abuse but remain silent.

Morris’s support comes after he also received vile abuse earlier this season, prompting the fan to be banned by a betting agency.

The centre received an abusive message from a supporter via his personal Instagram account after the Roosters smashed the Wests Tigers 40-6 back in round 2.

“F*** you dog c***, you f***ed up my multi, I‘m out the front of leumeah stadium waiting for your bus to rock up, Wait till you walk out of the that (sic) back door, you won’t know what hit ya,” the fan wrote in a direct message.

Morris posted a screenshot of the message on his Instagram stories, saying: “This stuff needs to stop.”

Sportsbet confirmed the bet was not placed on its platform, but a spokesman said it had identified that the person in question had a Sportsbet account, and he had been banned for life.

Melbourne Storm winger Josh Addo-Carr has also been impacted by online trolls, prompting him to post a picture of himself holding up a cardboard sign reading: “No one cares about your multi.”

Mitchell is the latest player to make a stand and push for cultural change after he received online abuse from two men, who have since been arrested.

Morris hopes more players, especially emerging players, now have the confidence and courage to call out threats.

“I think it’s great what Latrell has done,” Morris said.

“There are probably players that have gone through it and not said anything, but it is good that Latrell has that profile and standing in the game.

“It is good for young players to see that and know that there is a way to deal with it.

“Latrell has said he isn’t going to accept that sort of behaviour, and he is going to expose it on his platform.

“If players like Latrell and myself can use our platform for good, then we will do that.

“It is about trying to set an example for the younger players to show that there is a way to deal with it as well.”

Morris revealed online abuse towards players has become more common, especially when it comes to betting or even SuperCoach and fantasy teams.

It’s why he knows it’s paramount that star players like Mitchell make a strong stance.

“I think we are all in the same boat, and it is good that Latrell has drawn a line in the sand,” he said.

“He has a voice in the game, and hopefully we see not just senior players doing it but younger players doing it.

“It is a good thing, and it is something we need to stamp out.”

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