Man injured in terrifying 5m croc attack

A NSW man has been injured in a terrifying croc attack after the five-metre reptile launched itself into a fishing boat.

Rangers are combing waterways at a popular national park in the Northern Territory, searching for an enormous crocodile that launched itself into a fishing boat, injuring one of the occupants.

The terrifying incident occurred at Kakadu National Park when the group of four went fishing in the evening on April 24.

NT Health said a 32-year-old man from Wollongong in NSW was injured after a crocodile flung itself out of the water and into their boat.

Reports suggest the crocodile was as big as 5m.

“He was fishing on the South Alligator River with three friends in a boat on the night of April 24,” a spokesman for the department said.

“A crocodile launched into the boat, attacking his seat and injuring the man.”

It is believed the group had stopped on the river to cook dinner on-board the boat when the shocking attack occurred.

The man was lucky to escape with minor injuries, including a graze to the side of his body.

Rangers at the national park are now searching for the crocodile responsible.

There have reportedly been six crocodile attacks in Australia this year, the most since 2017.

NT Health and Parks Australia have been contacted for comment.

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