Maskless Nancy Pelosi is the ‘definition of hypocrisy’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been blasted as a ‘hypocrite’ for going maskless to a White House event after she fined six House Republicans $500 each for not wearing a mask in the chamber last week. A maskless Pelosi was seen on video hugging people at a crowded White House event, despite her enforcing COVID-19 mask mandates on the house floor. A spokesperson for the house speaker said fully vaccinated guests would not be required to wear a mask at the event and non-vaccinated guests were told to wear a face covering and to social distance. Republicans however have been calling out Pelosi’s “hypocrisy,” arguing she’s playing “childish games” when it comes to vaccinations and face coverings. “Either she doesn’t understand science, she doesn’t understand math, she knows something about the vaccine and she’s not telling people, she doesn’t trust the vaccine,” Fox News commentator Lisa Kennedy said. “Or she is just so petty and she hates Republicans so much that she’ll do whatever she wants to engage in these childish games.” Republican Mark Green said Pelosi going maskless was the “definition of hypocrisy”.

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