Mathias Cormann recites ‘climate buzzwords’ after snagging top OECD position

Former Minister Mathias Cormann has successfully snared the top position at the OECD despite the “loopy climate cultists” who are “going nuts” over the fact Mr Cormann was a former Liberal minister, according to Sky News host Rowan Dean. The five-year term will begin on June 1 and Prime Minister Scott Morrison has congratulated Mr Cormann on the new role saying it’s important to have an Australian to spearhead the global economic recovery. However, Mr Dean raised concerns over Mr Cormann’s use of popular pro-climate buzzwords during a clip where he expressed his gratitude over the appointment. The former minister called for an “ambitious” and “global” approach to combat climate change. Mr Morrow said “the reason why I believe he was picked and came out ahead of all of these other candidates including very woke candidates, is because of Australia’s stance on China”. “This is a strong signal that there are a lot of other nations in the world that are very keen to follow the Australian approach and reward the Australian approach for standing up to China,” he said.

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