New push for huge Aus Post change

A business owner is calling on Aussies to make one simple but major change when posting items in a viral TikTok campaign.

Calls are mounting for Australians to change the way they post items in a bid to end systematic discrimination against Aboriginal people.

Sydney business owner Amelia Rose called on her TikTok audience to consider addressing their parcels and letters differently in a video uploaded on Sunday.

She encouraged Australians to include traditional place names when addressing deliveries in a move she hoped would spark broader systematic change.

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The video, which has been viewed almost 30,000 times, received an outpouring of support from social media users.

“Thank you for sharing. I will now be including this going forward,” one person wrote in a comment.

Another expressed hesitation the act would “intrude” on the culture of Aboriginal people, but Ms Rose was quick to alleviate her concern.

“The more people that do it the better. The easiest way is to update your pre-filled details online,” she responded.

“Amazing. We need to see this more often,” someone else wrote.

“This is so amazing. I send so many parcels and will absolutely start doing this,” another said.

Ms Rose referenced the efforts of fellow Aboriginal woman Rachael McPhail, who last year successfully petitioned Australia Post to update its addressing guidelines to include traditional place names.

The delivery service also updated 22 satchels to include an Acknowledgement of Country and dedicated traditional place name, according to an article it published.

Despite these progressive changes, the use of traditional places was far from commonplace, Ms Rose argued.

In her video, she detailed how Australians should include the traditional place name of their sending and receiving address.

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“A quick Google search will tell you who your traditional owners are and it’s a fantastic way to educate everyone in the post system,” she told viewers.

When ordering online, she said the traditional place name should be put in the second subject line usually available in the address section.

Some businesses, like her own, may have a separate area for customers to enter their traditional land owner information, she explained.

Australia Post has previously recommended that traditional place names be written after the recipient’s name and before the street address.

Ms McPhail also has an ongoing petition for a national database of traditional place names to be created.

Nearly 20,000 people have signed the petition, which called on place names to be a standard feature in postal information, similar to the way postcodes and street names are used.

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