New SUV boasts V8-like performance

This brand is investing more than $30b in new cars and its huge investment is about to start paying off with a head-turning new SUV.

Kia’s electric revolution has begun.

The South Korean brand has revealed its new EV6 electric car — the first of seven zero-emissions vehicles due by 2027.

The EV6 is part of the company’s massive $US25 billion ($32b) investment in green machines over the next five years.

The EV6 will stand out from the crowd with its bold styling.

Set to compete against mid-size SUVs the EV6 looks more like a sporty wagon.

It looks longer, lower and sleeker than a regular SUV with flared wheel arches and bonnet creases giving it a sportier appearance.

The EV6 will share the same electric car platform as the coming Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric SUV and share much of the same performance hardware.

This means the EV6 will be available in rear- or all-wheel drive set-ups with two battery capacities and a range of up to 480km.

The all-wheel drive versions will use two motors — one on each axle — and will be fitted with the larger 72.6kWh battery pack, which makes 225kW and 605Nm and can accelerate to 100km/h from a standstill in 5.2 seconds.

It will also be capable of super fast charging thanks to its 800V electric architecture, which is double what most current EVs are capable of.

This will allow the EV6 to take up to 350kW an hour of electricity, which is enough to add 100km of range in five minutes.

The EV6 is expected to have a spacious cabin because the electric vehicle platform removes a lot of the mechanical elements that run from the front to the back of the car.

The inside is futuristic but minimalist with a two-spoke steering wheel and few buttons on the centre console and dash. There is also a large dual screen set-up that encompasses the digital instrument display and infotainment screen.

Kia will reveal full details of the EV6 later this month but says it will have several big tech features that will improve the user experience, including advancements in lighting and in-car connectivity.

Earlier this year Kia said the vehicle’s focus would be Europe, North America and Korea, but didn’t rule out expanding to other markets including Australia.

Kia also confirmed earlier this year that it is planning a high-performance version of its electric cars.

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