‘No more sunny skies’: Summer gives up

It looks like summer will see itself out with a whimper as rain and grey skies envelop several major cities – but a heatwave is forecast elsewhere.

Summer might not officially end for a couple of weeks, but in parts of the country this week it will feel like the season has called it a day already.

Rain and cooler weather are on the cards for the east coast and the north west of Australia. And the further north you go, the wetter it will get with the threat of flash flooding.

“There are no more sunny skies in sight for the east coast,” said Sky News Weather meteorologist Alison Osborne looking ahead to the weekend.

But there is some heat for Australia and that’s concentrated in the southern states. Indeed, a low intensity heatwave could sweep through South Australian and Victoria with temperatures heading towards the mid-thirties.

In Far North Queensland, a trough extending west to the Coral Sea is bring heavy rain and storms. Huge downpours in Cairns are due from Tuesday onwards with up to 120mm on Wednesday and around 100mm for the days before and after. That could lead to flash flooding and severe storms.

“A high in the Tasman Sea is also helping to direct onshore winds across southeast Queensland and the New South Wales coast,” said Ms Osborne.

“That’s bringing generally wet conditions, east of the Dividing Range in the coming days.

“Until the end of this week the rain really isn’t going anywhere so have that umbrella handy”.

For Sydney, that means possible showers every day up until Friday with Tuesday looking the wettest. But as the week progresses the rain should lessen. Temperatures in the Harbour City solidly in the mid-twenties with lows in the high teens.

North of Sydney, however, and it could be much more moist with up to 30mm falling on Coffs Harbour on Thursday.

“Brisbane and the Gold Coast can expect the same fate,” said Ms Osborne,

“Moving into the end of this week and the weekend, there is the chance that a deepening trough out to sea will bring some heavier bursts of showers or maybe even some thunderstorms.”

Wednesday could see up to 20mm fall on Brisbane followed by a run of days where as much as 15mm could fill the gauge. The mercury should peak at about 28C most days with lows of 20C.

In the south of the country, however, and it seems like summer is having a last gasp as we tick down to autumn. A cold front heading from the south west will see temperatures spike in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

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Perth will feel the heat first, topping out at 37C today and 34C on Tuesday before falling into the mid-twenties.

Much wetter in the north of Western Australia with Broome potentially looking at 40mm on Tuesday.

The heat will inch up in Adelaide from 30C today to 36C on Wednesday with gloriously sunny skies. Lows will be if the mid-twenties, so warm at night.

Melbourne will also experience the mercury steadily rising from 27C on Monday to as high as 32C on Friday, again with mostly sunny skies and little in the way of rain.

Showers will clear in Hobart on Monday leading to a run of sunny days and temperatures rising from 20C to 32C by Friday. However the weekend could mean the return of some showers.

Canberra will see little to no rain this week with pleasant highs of 23 – 26C.

Showers and storms in the Top End but nowhere near the pounding Queensland is set to get. Darwin could receive around 10mm each day with highs in the low thirties.

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