North Korea warns Biden not to ‘cause a stink’

US intelligence believes North Korea could be preparing for its first nuclear test in a year after warning President Joe Biden not to “cause a stink”. ASPI Senior Analyst Dr Malcolm Davis told Sky News there are concerns about movement around some of North Korea’s missile test sites. “The concern is either North Korea could do another long-range missile test or perhaps of less concern, a rocket engine test,” he said. “Obviously the greatest provocation would be a nuclear test. “So all three of those prospects have to be on the radar for the next few weeks.” Dr Davis said the Biden administration has to “face the reality” that North Korea will never give up its nuclear weapons “no matter what diplomacy they undertake”. “So, they’re left with the prospect of thinking, how do we deter North Korea from actually using those nuclear weapons or threatening to use those nuclear weapons against its neighbours for the purposes of coercion? “I think that’s really where the Biden administration has to focus on now, rather than pursuing essentially a fruitless process of diplomacy that ultimately is going to lead nowhere.”

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