Op-shop worker’s $55k find in donations

The mum was sorting through clothes before they were put on sale and got a massive surprise by what she found hidden inside.

Andrea Lessing found the surprise of a lifetime when she was sorting through donated clothes at her charity shop gig.

Inside a pair of jumpers she uncovered a stash of envelopes stuffed with cash, which were so heavy she originally thought the clothes were holding books, reported People.

The mum was examining the clothes as part of a routine inspection before they went on sale in a Goodwill store in the US.

“Just from working here a month and a half, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of weird things that have been donated,” she told NBC affiliate KFOR news station. “You want to make sure there’s good product, there’s no stains, there’s no holes, there’s no tears, there’s no rips.”

“There were just stacks of envelopes and it just contained $100 bills. My first thought was it was fake,” she added.

But the money was real and added up to a whopping $US42,000 ($A55,000).

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Normally the charity shop would have no way of returning the cash, but in a stroke of luck for the owners there was paperwork that identified them and it was returned.

Ms Lessing, who has a six-year-old child, admitted it was hard not to think how life-changing that amount of money would be if she kept it, but she had to do the right thing.

“I have a daughter, I love her very much and you can’t put a price on my daughter,” she said. “I know what could be risked stealing that money and I do believe in karma. I believe that if you do something good, something good will come back to you.”

But Ms Lessing was rewarded for her good deed with the owner gifting her $US1000 ($A1300), which made her cry with joy.

“Her birthday is coming up in July so now I can actually give her an amazing birthday party,” she said.

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