Pair charged over Big Bird costume theft

Two men have been charged with the theft of a Big Bird costume worth $160,000, days after the suit was found – with an apology note in its beak.

Two men have been charged with the theft of a Big Bird costume from a Sesame Street-themed circus in Adelaide.

The costume, worth $160,000, was allegedly stolen from the circus in Bonython Park between 4:30pm on Sunday April 18 and 9:30am on Monday April 19, leading to a desperate search for the beloved bird.

A group who dubbed themselves ‘the Big Bird Bandits’ returned the costume on Wednesday morning, but South Australia’s police said they would still look to identify the group and press charges.

Big Bird — who appeared to be intact — was found dumped near the circus tent by an electricity box about 5am on Wednesday.

Police were called to the scene and found an apology letter which was left in Big Bird’s beak.

The letter writers — who dubbed themselves the “Big Bird Bandits” — assured that “no harm came” to the bird and said he was a “great guy”.

“We are so sorry!!! We had no idea what we were doing, or what our actions would cause,” the letter began.

“We were just having a rough time and were trying to cheer ourselves up.

“We had a great time with Mr Bird. He’s a great guy and no harm came to our friend.

“Sorry to be such a big birden (sic)!

“Sincerely, the Big Bird Bandits.”

Patrols searched the area for two men seen leaving the scene with the help of a police dog but were unsuccessful in locating the self-professed bandits.

On Friday night, two men aged 26 and 22, from Norwood and Murray Bridge respectively, were charged with theft and being unlawfully on premises.

They were given bail and will appear in Adelaide Magistrate’s Court on June 30.

Big Bird has been returned to the circus.

He made a public appearance on Channel 7’s breakfast show Sunrise on Wednesday morning and nodded when asked if he was doing okay after the ordeal and had all his feathers intact.

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