Police reform is ‘only just beginning’ in the US

The police reform started by Derek Chauvin’s conviction is “only just beginning” with the attorney-general announcing a civil investigation and a law limiting police power to the Senate, says Sky News contributor Michael Ware. “The country’s attorney-general announced this civil investigation by the Department of Justice into the Minneapolis police department looking for patterns of excessive force, now that’s going to be wide-ranging we’re told and it will probably take some time,” he told Sky News. “Beyond examining that particular police department’s use of force, they’re also going to be looking at whether there’s a pattern of discriminatory conduct within that police service and whether there’s unlawful treatment of people with mental health issues.” Mr Ware said there is also a police reform bill named after George Floyd which has already passed the House of Representatives and has entered the Senate but has encountered Republican pushback. “Within this reform act it bans the use of chokeholds by police, it will require the creation of a national registry of police misconduct, it will mandate that the use of lethal force must only be a last resort, and most controversially it will strip police officers from qualified immunity.”

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