President Joe Biden’s speech to Congress was ‘truly historic’

Perth USAsia Centre CEO Gordon Flake said the first speech President Joe Biden made to Congress was “truly historic” as it marked the first time two women were standing behind the president. “Seeing the vice president of the United States sitting with the speaker of the House of the Representatives, for the first time in history two women were sitting behind the podium,” he told Sky News. Mr Flake also said President Biden’s speech was quieter than previous speeches given in the past but it “served him well in the current environment”. “The speech was characterised by perhaps one word and that was quiet, it was done in hushed tones, the COVID social distancing requirements meant it wasn’t a full house, it wasn’t as raucous as normal.” “In sharp contrast to last four years, the tone and tenor of Joe Biden was quiet, it was earnest, it was sincere, and it was hushed.”

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