Scientists confirm an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs

ANU Astrophysicist and cosmologist Dr Brad Tucker says science has finally confirmed it was an asteroid which wiped out the dinosaurs on earth 66 million years ago. “This is that final key piece of evidence in this because previously what we had was a crater off the north part of Mexico that happened around 66 billion years ago, the time the dinosaurs got wiped out,” he told Sky News. “What we wanted to find was bits of that asteroid in the sample at the spot the asteroid we think happened in Mexico and that’s essentially what they confirmed with the sample.” Dr Tucker said the aim was to see if pieces of the asteroid were in the sample taken from Mexico and there was evidence worldwide of asteroid pieces, dust, and debris which is believed to have blocked out the sun for a period of potentially five years. “It didn’t happen overnight it happened gradually over a course of a couple years, even five years, so it’s not an instantaneous thing but it’s all triggered from this one collision.”

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