Shocking items police found in post

Shocking items have been found in mail sent via Australia Post, with police nabbing more than 100 illicit parcels this week.

Steroids, cocaine, LSD and cash are among the items police uncovered in ordinary letters and packages as they launched a sting on drug trafficking via the postal system this week.

More than a hundred packages were seized during a two-day operation targeting people using Australia Post to traffic drugs and cash, Victoria Police said on Saturday.

“Anyone considering the domestic mail service as an option for trafficking drugs should think again and these results really demonstrate that,” Detective Inspector Craig Darlow said.

They found 108 packages containing 3.2kg of cannabis, 45g of cocaine, 79g of methylamphetamine, 265 LSD stamps, nearly half a litre of steroids and 200ml of GHB.

Officers from Victoria Police, the Australian Federal Police and Border Force worked with Australia Post staff to seize the illegal packages between March 17 and 18.

They also found a large quantity of drugs and “pharmaceuticals”, according to police.

Detective Inspector Darlow said the operation showed offenders are using a range of methods to sell drugs, including the mail service.

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