Shocking school brawl caught on camera

In disturbing footage, a vicious brawl between students and a woman spills onto the street outside a northwest Sydney shopping plaza.

Alarming footage has emerged of what appears to be a shocking brawl between schoolchildren and an adult outside a shopping plaza in northwestern Sydney.

The brawl can be seen spilling out onto the road outside the Shalvey shopping village and involved students, pictured in uniform, from Chifley College.

The footage starts with one girl in school uniform appearing to throw a punch at a placid fellow student.

The victim is then seen kneeling over, visibly ill, before being comforted by a woman in a green hooded jumper.

The woman is then seen approaching the student who threw the punch. The student is heard shouting, “What? What are you going to do?”

The woman and the student are seen getting into a physical altercation and the woman holds the student in a headlock.

Footage shows the adult set upon by dozens of students, whom she fends off while holding onto the first student.

“It was chaos – everyone could see it. It was on the road,” one schoolboy witness told 7 News.

The boy claimed the woman was the instigator of the brawl.

“She started hitting girls around (age) 15, 16, maybe 14 … the youngest was maybe 13.

“It’s pretty bad what happened, but it’s how people have been raised around here.”

There is no suggestion the woman started the violence.

Another witness, a man, said he wondered where police were at the time.

“Here comes one of the mums,” the witness said while he recounted the scene.

“It looks like there’s going to be hell to pay and I’m (thinking) it’s going to be on now. Where are the police?”

Police confirmed the incident to NCA NewsWire in a statement.

“Yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, officers attached to the Mt Druitt police area command responded to reports of a brawl outside Luxford Rd at Shalvey,” the statement read.

“Upon arrival, police were told those involved had left the scene. No formal report or statement has been made to police about the incident.

“As inquiries continue, police are urging anyone with information about the incident, or the identities of those involved, to come forward.”

The NSW Department of Education issued a brief statement.

“Chifley College Shalvey Campus is working with the NSW Police on this matter. The school will be taking appropriate disciplinary action.

“Counselling support has been offered.”

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