Slipper meeting ‘in the lap of the gods’

Rosehill officials have their fingers crossed the weather forecast is wrong again with heavy rain predicted in the days leading up to the track’s biggest meeting.

Rosehill racecourse manager Shaun Patterson is banking on a weather forecaster’s ability of getting it wrong in the days leading into Saturday’s huge Golden Slipper at Rosehill.

The Rosehill track was rated a Soft 6 at acceptance time on Wednesday after 5.5mm in the preceding 24 hours took the past seven-day total to 43.5mm at the western Sydney racecourse.

Patterson said “another mil or two” fell on Wednesday morning since the track was rated but he believes it wouldn’t have altered the rating.

“We got a little of rain on Wednesday morning and the forecast at this stage is not pretty,” Patterson said.

“The track is handling the moisture well at the moment but looking at what the predictions are could take it to a whole new level.

“The renovation works we’ve done on the track is now doing it justice.

“It’s been racing well. We had a good lead up into last Saturday and it came through that meeting with minimum damage.

“We’ve planned for the wet weather.

“We are in contact with the Bureau (of Meteorology) and we also use another program called Ubimet which is more directed at a particular site.”

The Ubimet international weather service has developed into one of the largest and fastest-growing independent providers of meteorological services in the world.

They also offer an Apple and Andriod app under the brand of Morecast.

The Morecast app is predicting 15.4mm of rain on Thursday, 18.8mm on Friday and a whopping 57.7mm on Saturday at Rosehill.

The Bureau of Meteorology is tipping a 90 per cent chance of between eight and 20mm on Thursday, a 90 per cent chance of 15 and 30mm on Friday and a 90 per cent chance of 25 and 45mm on Saturday.

“As we’ve seen last week and in previous weeks, it doesn’t always eventuate,” Patterson said.

“We can expect a lot and get nothing and then they can suggest nothing and we get a lot.

“You can only really use it as a light guide at the moment.

“It’s like that phrase racecourse managers love whenever there’s rain about, ‘we’re in the lap of the gods’.”

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