Small island nation tries to put an end to ‘China’s glorious dream’ of Pacific control

Australia should welcome and encourage Samoa’s expected new prime minister’s move to abandon the construction of a Chinese-backed port to curb “China’s glorious dream” of owning the Pacific, says Sky News host James Morrow. Samoa’s expected next prime minister, Fiame Naomi Mataʻafa, has pledged to cancel the $128 million development of a new port backed by China calling the move excessive for a small pacific nation already in deep debt to Beijing. Mr Morrow said it was great to see a ”tiny nation” like Samoa stand up for itself against encroaching Chinese soft power. “We should absolutely congratulate them because we want to see more of this because this is the only way really that China’s glorious dream of having control of all the ports and everything else around the pacific is going to be stopped,” he said.

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