‘So, You’re Pregnant’: Powerful New Pro-Life Vid Flips Narrative

The pro-life group behind the satirical “magical birth canal” videos recently launched a new animated short seeking to empower pregnant women to choose life for their babies instead of abortion.

At the beginning of the nearly two-minute video from Choice42, viewers see a woman holding her stomach with a look of fear and worry on her face.

“So you’re pregnant,” the narrator says. “You didn’t plan this; you didn’t want it, and now you have a choice to make. Take a breath. You can do this. I’m going to be real with you, though. The choices our society and the media are going to present you with are not all equal.”

The video’s narrator goes on to tell the woman that, “for whatever reason, this baby was given to you. You were chosen to be this child’s mother, and, no matter what’s going on in your life, you can rise up and take this on.”

In the video, the woman begins climbing an illuminated mountain as black vines broke through TVs, computers, and smartphones extend after her, slithering along the ground and up the mountainside.

“Abortion is probably going to be suggested — even pushed on you by the people closest to you,” the narrator says as the music builds. “They’ll tell you it’s the best option. They’ll tell you to think of your future. They’ll say you’re not old enough, not young enough, not experience enough, not financially stable enough, not educated enough. They might even threaten you.”

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The pregnant woman is pulled down off the mountain as the vines coil around her stomach as the screen fades to black.

As the video transitions, the narrator flips the narrative.

Rather than seeing abortion as empowering women, the video’s creators imagine choosing life as a form of empowerment.

“The thing is, you’re already this baby’s mother,” she says. “This child is already here in the world, living and growing inside you. And what these people are suggesting to you is that you murder your own baby.”

“Yeah, that sounds harsh,” the narrator continues. “But I’m not going to lie to you — not when your baby’s life is on the line. You’re the only one who can protect this child — you. But you’re not alone, not by a long shot. Fight for your baby, and reach out for help if you need it.”

The video reached more than 100,000 views on Facebook in less than 12 hours over the Memorial Day weekend and has reached nearly 200,000 in the days since its release. It has also been shared almost 4,000 times.

Laura Klassen, founder of Choice42, made headlines last spring when she claimed the crowdsourcing site GoFundMe was withholding some $3,000 in donations to three women in need.

She told Faithwire at the time that her organization was flagged in mid-April by GoFundMe’s trust and security team because, according to her, the “intended recipient for our campaign’s donations was located in a country that is not supported by [GoFundMe’s] payment processors.”

Klassen said she went back and forth with GoFundMe for “about a week, and then we were told that the money was unlocked. It was not.”

Just a few days later, Choice42 announced via Facebook the money had been released by GoFundMe.

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