‘Subway Ripper’ nabbed after slayings

A man dubbed the “Subway Ripper” was arrested after two people were stabbed to death on the New York City A-line on Sunday.

A man dubbed the “Subway Ripper” has been arrested after two people were stabbed to death and two others were critically wounded on the New York City A-line on Sunday.

Rigoberto Lopez, 21, reportedly has a history of mental illness.

A large scale manhunt was launched for Lopez after his frenzied knife attack left two homeless people dead, and two others critically injured on the city’s A-train line.

Following a citywide search, police sources told the New York Post that the suspect was arrested on Saturday evening and detained after being located in Upper Manhattan.

A source said the man’s shoes were still splattered with his victims’ blood and was found with the murder weapon when he was taken in.

He confessed to all four unprovoked attacks, sources told the Daily News.

It comes as the city is dealing with a spate of shoving attacks at local subway stations. On Friday, a woman was caught on CCTV pushing another woman into elevated subway tracks in the Bronx.

That attack came just three days after another woman, 55, was shoved onto the tracks in an unprovoked attack, also in the Bronx. Police said they’ve been dealing with a rash of attacks.

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The NYPD told The US Sun Lopez had been charged with two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

“They were all unprovoked attacks, and the victims didn’t initiate anything,” NYPD Deputy Chief Brian McGee said Sunday. “The victims didn’t initiate anything.”

Police said Lopez is mentally ill and has spent time in at least one hospital psychiatric ward.

His last known address is a motel in Gowanus, Brooklyn, used to house homeless people.

Lopez had already been arrested four times, two of them for assault and criminal contempt against his father, cops said.

His most recent arrest was last October, when he was seen walking around Washington Heights with a long kitchen knife, according to cops.

When he was arrested he had 48 bags of cocaine with plans to sell them, police said.

The spree began Friday morning at around 11.30am, not far from where the alleged stabber was caught, authorities said.

Carlos Martinez, 67, was stabbed as he pushed his walker along the southbound platform at the 181st Street station in Washington Heights.

“I am going to kill you!” he told cops his attacker screamed, according to sources. He was stabbed in the right knee and left buttocks; while he required surgery, he is expected to survive the attack.

That attack is believed to be connected to three subsequent attacks.

Twelve hours later, at 11.29pm Friday, a man was found stabbed to death but still slumped in his seat on an A train at Mott Ave station in Far Rockaway.

He suffered stab wounds to his neck and torso, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Some two hours after that, at 1.15am Saturday, Claudine Roberts, 42, was found sprawled dead, again in a pool of blood, under her subway seat inside an A train at the 207th Street station in Inwood.

Afterwards, at 1.28am Saturday, a 43-year-old man was randomly stabbed as he slept on a stairwell at the A train station at West 181st Street.

He stumbled to a nearby bank on West 181st Street, but collapsed before entering the vestibule, cops said.

The victim is being treated at an area hospital for four puncture wounds to his back, and is in stable condition.

Roberts was taken to New York Presbyterian-Allen Hospital, where she was declared dead, according to authorities.

This article originally appeared on The US Sun and has been reproduced with permission

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