Terrifying discovery in NSW farmstay

A backpacker stumbled across an unidentified creature lurking in the bathroom sink while at a farmstay in regional NSW.

A backpacker has made a terrifying discovery in the bathroom sink while at a farmstay in regional NSW.

Heitor Cozero shared a TikTok video from the bathroom at a farmstay spot in Mudgee, showing a frightening unidentified creature lurking under the plug.

The creature had little legs sticking out from under the push-down plug. At first glance the animal looks to be a spider — however we counted 11 individual legs sticking out from under the sink.

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“I’m from Australia and I don’t even know what it is,” one woman said with a wide-eyed emoji.

“This is why I’ll never be visiting Australia,” another woman wrote.

Others strongly suggested Mr Cozero quickly kill the unidentified creature.

“Push the plug thing down!” one commenter urged.

Others urged Mr Cozero to pour boiling water down the sink.

“Centipede. Harmless. Let her go outside,” one man commented.

“They are not harmless, they are venomous. Squash it,” another said.

It’s unclear what happened to the creature — Mr Cozero later uploaded a video of himself cooking feta pasta, saying “cooking was my therapy after that thing”.

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