‘The press protects him totally’: Trump slams Biden’s lack of transparency

Donald Trump has expressed outrage at the lack of transparency from his successor President Joe Biden and expects “vetted” questions in his upcoming media conference – due 64 days into his presidency – which he says will be “softballs”. When asked about the Biden administration’s transparency in a Fox News interview, the former president said there was “none”. He said the media was protecting Mr Biden. “I enjoyed press conferences because you get the word out, it’s the only way to get an honest word out because the press is really not a free press,” he said. “The way you get the press out is with press conferences. “He doesn’t need them because the press protects him totally. “It’s a whole different set of questions, it’s ridiculous the questions that are asked – you know what did you have for dinner? What kind of ice cream do you have as he walks out? They never talked to me that way and that’s okay.” Mr Trump said he felt he needed to weigh in on the Biden administration because it is “destroying our country”.

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