The Queen ‘deserves better’ than to have institution ‘trashed’

Sky News host Rita Panahi says the Queen deserves better than to have the institution she has devoted her life to trashed by an indulged couple who wanted all the fame and riches of royalty but none of the work or scrutiny. Ms Panahi’s comments follow the controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey. “Alarm bells should’ve rung at Buckingham Palace when the ambitious actress came on the scene. Meghan had only one family member attend her royal wedding. No siblings, no cousins or uncles and aunties, just her mother and a bunch of new celebrity acquaintances, including Oprah who she’d only met once,” Ms Panahi said. “Look Meghan may be about as likeable as Veruca Salt but it’s too easy to blame her and for the royal rift; the real villain here is the quisling prince. “Harry is the one who abandoned his family, his duty and country and then deliberately trashed those who have loved and protected him for decades, particularly since he and William lost their mother. He came out of that interview looking like an ungrateful man-child crying about daddy cutting the purse strings. “God forbid a 36-year-old man should support himself on the meagre $25m his mother left him or the $20m his great grandmother left him or the huge multimillion-dollar deals he has signed due purely to his royal status. “You’d think Harry would have a little more self-respect than to cry poor but victimhood has become synonymous with virtue. In recent years much of the goodwill for Harry has evaporated thanks to his relentless grievance mongering and the hypocrisy of his political activism whether its moaning about global warming as he travels the world in private jets or moaning about media intrusion while doing multiple media deals.”

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