Urgent virus alert for public pool, train

Health authorities have issued an alert after a hotel security guard who tested positive to coronavirus visited a number of places including a pool.

Several venues have been listed by NSW Health officials as having been exposed to COVID-19 after visits from a security guard who tested positive on Sunday.

NSW chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant confirmed the 47-year-old man, who works as a security guard as a secondary job on weekends, visited the following venues:

– Bexley Aquatics Centre: Saturday, March 13, 9am to 9.30am

– Pancakes on The Rocks, Beverly Hills: Saturday March 13, at 10.45am to 12pm

Dr Chant also named two train lines that were exposed.

“A train from Hurstville to the city arriving at 6.30pm on Friday, March 12 and city to Hurstville leaving at 7am,” Dr Chant said on Sunday.

“We will be able to find more detailed times as we get access to Transport NSW tap-on and tap-off data and we will be updating our website.”

Dr Chant confirmed those venues were not considered high-risk at this stage but admitted the venues list could grow.

“At the moment we think these venues are low-risk but what we‘re doing is reviewing CCTV footage to refine the information,” she said.

“We will be using a text (message system) to patrons who have used the QR codes for these venues. It is likely some additional venues will be identified, and also, there are some additional investigations. ”

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