Vile sex Snapchats cop allegedly sent teen

A Queensland police officer working in the child protection unit allegedly sent vile Snapchats to a teenage girl he was meant to be helping, a trial has heard.

A Queensland police officer working within the child protection unit allegedly sent vile Snapchat messages to a teenager who he was meant to be helping, a court heard.

Several screenshots of the messages allegedly sent by Matthew Paul Hockley to the 15-year-old girl were displayed to the Brisbane District Court on the first day of Mr Hockley’s trial.

Mr Hockley, a senior constable, is charged with grooming a child under 16 to procure engagement in a sexual act, grooming a child under 16 with intent to expose to indecent matter and one count of using the internet to procure a child under 16.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges on Monday.

Crown prosecutor Judy Geary said the alleged offences occurred over several weeks between July and August 2019.

The court was told Mr Hockley and the girl got into contact over Snapchat after she was interviewed by police over nude photographs circulated to her school.

“He told her he was the police officer who interviewed her and wanted to make sure she was staying safe online,” Ms Geary said.

Ms Geary said the first messages between the pair were innocuous but allegedly became more explicit over time.

She told the court the conversations moved to Mr Hockley’s alleged disclosures about pornographic videos, his attraction to “girls calling guys ‘Daddy’ during sex” and saying the girl’s “ass should be worshipped”.

“He also mentioned she was a professional at taking nude photographs, called her cute and… said ‘Hello Beautiful’,” Ms Geary said.

Ms Geary told the court Mr Hockley had a sexual encounter with the girl’s mother at the time and messaged the girl about that too.

He allegedly offered to pick the girl up while she was walking home, telling her it “would have been their first daddy-daughter experience”.

Ms Geary said Mr Hockley messaged the girl while he was holidaying and invited her to come with him.

“His (Snapchat) message said it was a one-bedroom place and they would have to share a bed,” she said.

“The defendant messaged her saying he slept naked, he asked her if that made her feel uncomfortable … he told her she should be comfortable with older men.”

The girl used her mother’s iPad to take screenshots of three Snapchat conversations on her phone so as not to alert Mr Hockley, the court was told.

The screenshots were displayed to the court on Monday, showing Hockley allegedly telling the girl he was going home to “get naked and relax”.

“Just got back from a run along the beach. Gonna (sic) make some lunch I was so cold last night. Needed you to warm me up,” another message read.

Ms Geary told the court Mr Hockley allegedly sent the girl another message with explicit information about a child abuse case, which constituted a charge of grooming with intent to expose to indecent matter.

“A phone from the defendant was seized … material was also obtained from Snapchat,” she said.

“The data shows between July 31 and 22 August 2019, there were 30 snaps or images but 1035 chat messages between the pair.

“No snap or chat content between the accounts was able to be retrieved because of the nature of the app.”

Mr Hockley’s defence barrister Matt Black told the jury the prosecution would need to prove the content of the disputed messages.

“You’ve just seen a few photographs, those aren’t contested,” he said.

“The prosecution also says that Mr Hockley said a number of other messages, quite shocking ones, but there’s no photos of those, no screenshots.”

Mr Black said the prosecution would also need to prove his client had an unlawful intention to send those messages.

The trial, before Judge Bernard Porter, continues.

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