Warning of ‘significant rain’ set to hit

Large swathes of the country could become very soggy as the week progresses with a series of cold fronts and a trough sweeping in.

Forecasters have warned “significant amounts of rainfall” could be on the horizon with downpours likely for the country’s east coast, Top End and southwest.

Up to 100mm could fall in the east, more in southeast Queensland. The last gasp of the wet season could also soak Darwin.

But elsewhere, a large area of high pressure should lead to calm weather, blue skies, sunshine and mild autumn days. Nights could be chilly though without the warming blanket of cloud keeping the warmth in.

Sky News Weathermeteorologist Rob Sharpe said that “a bounty of heavy rain” had fallen on northern Queensland over the last eight days with around 500mm falling in Cairns, swelling rivers.

There will likely be a final burst of that rain on Monday before calmer conditions prevail. But a trough over inland eastern parts will see moisture then head south.

“Showers will pick up from Wednesday and more so from Thursday,” Mr Sharpe said.

“Over the next eight days there will be consistent rain for the coastline of southeast Queensland and northeastern New South Wales. We’re talking about significant amounts of rainfall in those areas.”

Queensland and NSW set to be soggy

From Bundaberg to northern NSW, 50-100mm is likely.

It will be sunny in Brisbane to start the week with showers kicking in on Thursday and some heavy falls into the weekend of up to 10-20mm daily. Expect at least another 10mm daily to those totals on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Temperatures should peak in the mid-twenties with lows around 15C.

Heading across the border, the soggy conditions will stretch south to Grafton and Port Macquarie with solid falls towards the end of the week and a possible storm on Friday.

Sydney will see a shower or two, most likely on the weekend, but it won’t trouble the rainfall gauge much. Temperatures will bob around a maximum of 23C all week with dawn minimums of 13-14C.

Clearer conditions in the south

Weather will be more calm and settled the further south you go. Canberra will see a generally sunny week with highs of around 20C and cold mornings. It could dip to 1C on Tuesday morning and 2C on Thursday.

A possible dribble of rain could dampen Melbourne at the start of the week but that will clear to leave mostly sunshine. The mercury will gradually rise, remaining in the high teens until Friday and then just heading over the 20C barrier for the weekend. Lows will be around 9C.

Similar conditions in Tasmania with a relatively mild week in the high teens. However a shower could pass through Hobart on Wednesday.

A fine, mild and dry week is expected in Adelaide with highs of 22-25C and lows hovering around 10C.

The south of Western Australia will see a couple of cold fronts pushing through – an initial one on Thursday and Friday, then a second on Sunday.

Double cold fronts for Western Australia

The cold fronts could bring some shower and possible damaging winds for the southwest tip. Albany could see as much as 20mm of rain on Friday and then a wet weekend.

Perth will be mostly warm this week, nearing 30C most days until Friday with minimums in the mid-teens. Friday could be wet however with up to 20mm of rain.

Across the Top End, the wet season is almost at an end with the dry officially commencing on Saturday. There are still a few storms left for Darwin, however. Monday and Tuesday could both see some thunder and rain with up to 10mm in the gauge.

The skies should begin to clear from Wednesday with a sunny end to the week. It will feel toasty in the mid-thirties across Perth with lows in the mid-twenties.

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