Wild new monster SUV revealed

The next-generation of vehicles are set to be the most interesting yet with hi-tech features, outrageous performance and go-anywhere ability.

The new GMC Hummer EV might just be the wildest SUV to hit the market in a long time.

Aussies will remember the original Hummer, which would dominate inner city streets and highways alike, but this all-new version is massively different.

The Hummer is no longer a petrol-guzzling behemoth but a zero-emissions electric super SUV for the modern age.

In place of a big 6.2-litre V8 from earlier Hummers are a choice of either two or three electric motors.

These units combine for some impressive performance figures, providing 466kW for the two-motor versions and 619kW for the three-motor examples, which is more than many Ferrari or Lamborghini supercars.

The triple electric motors are powerful enough to hurl the hefty Hummer from 0-100km/h in about 3.5 seconds, which is faster than top-shelf performance cars such as the BMW M3.

GM hasn’t provided the exact battery size but it claims the Hummer EV has a driving range in excess of 480km. The maker says it is capable of ultra-fast charging up to 300kW per hour.

It is due to go on sale in the US in 2023 alongside the pick-up truck version that debuted in 2020.

One thing that hasn’t changed about the Hummer is its size. It is still a beast.

General Motors hasn’t revealed its full length but its wheelbase — the distance between the centre of the front and rear wheels — is more than 3.2 metres.

It is shorter than its pick-up sibling, though, and the addition of four-wheel steering gives it a relatively compact turning circle for its size.

The Hummer has an off-road focus and will top all other electric SUVs, according to Buick and GMC boss Duncan Aldred.

“The GMC Hummer EVs were envisioned to be the most capable and compelling electric supertrucks ever,” says Aldred.

“The new Hummer EV SUV is the next chapter, which will offer many options for customers to tailor the truck to their lifestyles, while continuing to encourage them to forge new paths with zero emissions.”

GM has fitted the Hummer EV with some impressive features to back up its claims.

Front and centre is the “Crab Walk” feature, which has the ability to steer the front and rear wheels independently.

This allows the Hummer to drive diagonally forward or in reverse, making it easier to get out of a bog or to sidestep obstacles.

The Extract mode raises the vehicle’s suspension by up to six inches, allowing it to clear objects in its way with ease.

An extreme off-road pack adds 18-inch wheels wrapped in 35-inch off-road tyres, underbody armour and rock sliders to protect the undercarriage and door bottoms. A rear-mounted full-size spare tyre gives the Hummer some street cred.

The long wheelbase and short front end means the Hummer also has impressive approach and departure angles for traversing steep slopes.

Prices in the US start from $79,995 ($105,000) before taxes and rise to $110,595 ($145,000), but if it makes it to Australia expect top range versions to go for in excess of $200,000 once taxes and shipping costs are included.

It is unclear if the Hummer will make it to Australia. Local operation GMSV imports and converts the Chevy Silverado and the Hummer would have similar appeal.

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